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City of Missoula - Clarity, Growth, Belonging

As the second-largest and most vibrant community in Montana, the City of Missoula depends on our purposeful, dedicated, and talented employees.  We invite and encourage all people to join us in our pursuit to make a difference in your life and our community. We believe that all people should have full and equal access to opportunities, power, and resources.

Missoula has a variety of careers for people of all experiences and backgrounds whom all come together with a singular purpose—to serve the residents, businesses, and visitors.With more than 600 employees in our departments, the City of Missoula invites you to become apart of our municipal government. There are multiple opportunities to begin, grow, and build your career. We are committed to and have placed a high priority on recruiting a workforce that is representative of the community we serve.

The Human Resources Department at the City of Missoula understands that the key to our employee's success begins at the recruitment process. Our department strives to provide and promote a learning culture. We cultivate learning opportunities at all stages of employment. If you have any questions, please contact the Human Resources Department at 406-552-6130.

Apply today by selecting the job title of the current job opening then following the online directions. An application must be submitted for each job to which you would like to apply. 

Before submitting your application, confirm all requested documents are attached.  We will not accept applications missing the required materials.

We have partnered with Job Service Missoula to connect you to additional resources to your employment opportunities. Job Service Missoula provides FREE one on one consultations and workshops to assist in your application process. From resume and cover letter creation to coaching for interview preparation, Job Service Missoula will is your guide to all steps of the application process.


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